James Franco Bares His Ass in Front of God and Everyone

Noted Lindsay Lohan sex-denier and fiction-based superstar James Franco has once again bared his ass for the world to see. This time, it was at a fundraiser and Franco pulled down his pants for the public to gaze upon the glorious posterior that would one day be king.

Franco appeared, as a surprise, in a sketch with Bianca Del Rio at Broadway Bares, an HIV fundraiser that was rock-themed this year. Franco's appearance, which The Guardian notes got less response than Del Rio's entrance (love her), included him attempting to gain entrance to some fake nightclub and then getting his pants pulled down to reveal a jockstrap. James franco in a JOCKSTRAP! SOMEONE GET ME A FAINTING COUCH! HERE'S THE HOT HOT PIC:


I think my biggest issue with Franco is that he seems to expect everyone to just be excited for him to just show up, because he is such a big deal. He is like my cousin who, after telling everyone for weeks that he wasn't coming to my grandma's birthday party because he lived in LA and that was too far even though his parents were driving up, rented a mustang and showed up halfway through, entering with a "heeeeeeeeeeeeey what's going on here? Looks like you're having a party" that made the adults happy. Showing up is the least Franco can do and yet it still feels like too much. If you're going to just show up at least do something charming and relevant like Bill Murray. Buy shots for everyone!

This year's event raised $1.3 million, although it's hard to say whether that was because of Franco's ass or because Alex Minsky appeared in a fucking American flag thong. I'll let you decide.

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