James Carville’s Daughter Has a Great Plan for Showing-Up Cardinal Timothy Dolan

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Catholic jack-o-lantern Timothy Dolan is all set to speak at the Republican National Convention/Stripper Pledge Drive next week in Tampa, that is, if God doesn't smite the entire event with a biblically-themed hurricane. Dolan, a noted asshole about gay marriage and women's health, has been scheduled to offer the closing prayer to a patriarchal Judeo-Christian god after Mitt Romney accepts the Republican Party's presidential nomination.

Dolan's eagerness to speak at the RNC is pretty obsequious, at least according to articulate water moccasin James Carville, whose daughter has devised a great response to Dolan's GOP allegiance. If the florid cardinal will speak for the Republicans, why not have Sister Simone Campbell, leader of the "Nuns on the Bus" campaign that protest Paul Ryan's budget, speak at the DNC in Charlotte? You know, a little tit-for-tat, eye-for-an-eye, parry-riposte — that sort of thing. At the very least, it would provide the general public with quite a contrast between an all-male church hierarchy that has to endorse outdated doctrine in order to maintain its own claim to clerical authority, and a contingent of church women who understand that the world has changed rather a lot since the Council of Trent.


Let's All Pray, O.K.? [The New Yorker Blog]

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What a brilliant idea. Because the link tells me that Ms. Carville is a senior at The Academy of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans, I suspect she regularly interacts with nuns who've devoted their lives to making a difference in society and who teach and guide by setting examples and addressing life progressively and pragmatically. They deserve respect, something I have in spades for nuns while having utter disdain for The Vatican. Big ups for Nuns on the Bus!