Jake Tapper Asks the Most Important Question About Anna Wintour's Diplomatic Qualifications

Here is White House press secretary Jay Carney entertaining a series of increasingly inane questions from ABC's Jake Tapper about the rumored appointment of Anna Wintour to an ambassadorial posting in London or Paris. First, Tapper asks what qualities Obama considers when making key diplomatic appointments. Carney gets what he's driving at, and says he has no personnel decisions to announce and will not engage in "speculation" about appointments, but that the President considers "talent, wisdom, and character" when making such decisions. Tapper's follow-up? "Has the President seen The Devil Wears Prada?" asks Tapper. "A great question considering all the politicians portrayed favorably on film," quips Racked. Anna Wintour may or may not be suited to the diplomatic corps, but the fact that she's a harridan who works at a silly ladies' fashion magazine — the obvious subtext of Tapper's question — is a sexist basis on which to dismiss her.


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