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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Jaime Pressly Files For Divorce

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • Jaime Pressly is having a rough year. She owes nearly $1 million in unpaid taxes, she was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving earlier this month, and now she's filed for divorce from her husband of one year, Simran Singh.
  • Jaime had taken her husband's name and is requesting to change it back to Pressly. She has a 3-year-old son from a previous relationship. [Radar]
  • Charlie Sheen was released from the hospital today after being treated for a "hernia-related" condition that surely had nothing to do with drugs. [UPI]
  • Martin Sheen is trying to get Charlie to enter rehab. "Martin is extremely upset as you can imagine," says a source. "He's worried Charlie is going to kill himself." [Radar]
  • The quest to identify every porn star who was partying with Charlie continues. Here's number three, GiGi Rivera. [Radar]
  • Wow, did not need to know this: "EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Sheen's Porn Star Aborted Kevin Federline's Baby" [Radar]
  • Apparently Charlie promised another young lady that he's buy her a convertible Bentley, and she shared the news on Twitter. [Radar]
  • When asked about Charlie, one of his bosses at CBS said, "What can we do? He shows up to work, on time. He's polite, and he makes us hundreds of millions of dollars." [E!]
  • Jason Davis, the rich guy from this season of Celebrity Rehab, was arrested last night for possession of a controlled substance. Earlier this week on the reunion show he claimed to be clean. Dr. Drew says: "Jason was honest about his struggles with his sobriety on the reunion show. Hopefully, now that there are legal conquesces, further treatment will be mandated, which he so desperately needs. As I said when I saw him Wednesday, we care for him very deeply and we are here for him." [TMZ]
  • Last night Snooki's ex-boyfriend Emilio Masella went on a drunken Twitter rampage against Deena Cortese. His backhanded apology: "I would never sleep with Deena, I wouldn't lower my standards like that and I wouldn't do that to Snooki." [Radar]
  • Surely you don't care that Scott Disick is going to be on Fashion Police, but I highly recommend saving this photo of Scott in a pink paisley blazer for the next time you need a good chuckle. [ONTD]
  • "Golden Voice" Ted Williams tracked down his best friend, who is homeless, gave him a wad of cash, and promised to help him once he sorts through his own issues. [TMZ]
  • It's your lucky day! Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have both released new songs. Sample lyric from Heidi: "Touch me. Let me know. Touch me. I don't need. You enjoy myself. Enjoy myself to the music. Heartbeat." [People]
  • BREAKING: Ashlee Simpson has dyed her hair platinum blonde. [Us]
  • Rachel Zoe's fascinating list of pregnancy cravings: "I really enjoy things that are tart, like strawberries and grapefruit. Sour things like that, but nothing really weird." [Us]
  • Lea Michele will sing "America the Beautiful" during the Super Bowl pre-game show. [E!]
  • Chris Lambton says he's glad that Ali Fedotowsky didn't give him the final rose on The Bachelorette. "Oh, God. I'd be engaged," he says. "And I'd be under a strict contract to ABC... We were more like friends than husband-wife material." [Us]
  • Demi Lovato's rep released this statement about her leaving rehab: "She will continue to see doctors in L.A. who will help her work on the issues she confronted in treatment. For now, she is getting back to her regular routine and spending time with her family and close friends. She is so grateful to all of her fans for their support, and looks forward to being able to talk to all of them very soon." [People]
  • TNT has apologized for Tracy Morgan saying Sarah Palin is "good masturbation material" on their network. A rep said, "It's unfortunate Mr. Morgan showed a lack of judgment on our air with his inappropriate comments." [E!]
  • Here are some stills from the next episode of Glee, which appears to be Valentine's Day themed. [ONTD]
  • Kate Hudson didn't tell her friends about her pregnancy because she wanted to wait until after the first trimester. "My friends all thought I was depressed because I wouldn't leave the house," she says. "But I didn't want anyone to know for a long time. I was just hoping that all of a sudden, I could show up somewhere with a big belly." [People]