Jack Osbourne Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis At 26

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Two weeks after welcoming daughter Pearl Clementine with his fiancée Lisa Stelly, Jack Osbourne, 26, has been diagnosed with relapsing, remitting multiple sclerosis—the most common, but least aggressive form of the illness, says Osbourne. "I was just angry and frustrated and kept thinking, 'Why now?' " he told People Magazine. "I've got a family and that's what's supposed to be the most important thing." Sharon Osbourne says daughter Kelly is having a hard time with the diagnosis: ''[She] looks at Jack and... can't quite accept it. He'll always be action man, GI Joe... [she's] finding it very difficult to take in." Incidentally, Kelly fell ill with a puking bug shortly after. [People, Contact Music]

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Connie Britton, the flaxen-haired unicorn mom you wish you had, told Amanda DeCadenet that she's had no sex life since bringing home her baby son Yoby in November. "I can't stop thinking about how I could do it, how I could pull it off. I'm just talking about how I get laid while I have a baby." Three words for you, Ms. Britton: call Taylor Kitsch. [Contact Music]

Bunheads showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino responds to Shonda Rhimes' condemning Tweet about the new Sutton Foster-starring show's lack of diversity. "Look, I'm not going to get into a pissing match with Shonda Rhimes because she has 15,000 shows on the air, and she's doing just fine for herself. [But] I've always felt that women, in a general sense, have never supported other women the way they should… I think it's a shame, but to me, it is what it is... I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't go after another woman. I, frankly, wouldn't go after another showrunner." Better have one of your fake doctors put some aloe on that burn, Shonda. [Entertainment Weekly]

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The deceased Rodney King's friends say that his fianceé Cynthia Kelley has been telling sketchy, inconsistent stories about the night he was found dead in the swimming pool. Two of King's close buddies have voiced their suspicions to the cops, who said they'd be in touch. Currently no official reports of foul play, but the investigation will continue. [Bossip]

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To answer the question that has not been plaguing you whatsoever, Selena Gomez will probably not be playing Anastasia Steele in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades Of Grey. When asked about the possibility on the red carpet, Gomez replied: ""I know I'm taking risks but I don't think I could do that... that would be a little too much for me." Agreed. Wizard of Waverly Place + ben wah balls = do not want. Ian Somerhalder and Lucy Hale, meanwhile, are chomping at the bit. [Us]

  • "I'm working, and I haven't spent a penny. A few thousand dollars have gone, but no pennies as such. I'm joking." —from a letter Amy Winehouse wrote to her dad, to be included in his upcoming book. [Express]
  • Glorious musical preteen Liam Payne of One Direction caught a shark. [Contact Music]
  • Giuliana Rancic is having a boy. [Contact Music]
  • In which Paul Giamatti has more than a long face in common with Ross Geller by making friends with a stunt monkey on the set of Rock Of Ages. [People]
  • Billy Corgan is writing an autobiography. Hopefully there will be a chapter on dating Jessica Simpson and a chapter where he acknowledges that he kind of looks like a bald Michael Ian Black. [RTE.ie]
  • A strong wind almost blew away teeny-tiny Sir Elton John, so he cut his concert short, went home, bathed in a thimble and danced on the head of a pin. [Express]
  • Growing up, Keira Knightley "hated music." [Express]
  • Eponymous Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger doles out advice to George Clooney's girlfriend Stacy Keibler: If he doesn't propose in a year, dump him. Yeah, good luck with that. [NYDN]
  • Matt LeBlanc mutually checked out asses with a woman on the street, and that's how he got into showbiz. [Contact Music]
  • Kimye, in a Lambo, in Paris, with a wrench. [Bossip]
  • "Butterflies and happiness :DDDDD," says Beebs about his first kiss with Selena Gomez. [NYDN]
  • On the set of Oliver Stone's Savages, the wife of a former druglord asked Salma Hayek what her beauty secret was. [Showbiz Spy]
  • James Deen, boy wonder, enthused about acting opposite Lindsay Lohan. [NYDN]
  • Le Ann Rimes Cibrian had a resplendently weird-ass cake made for Eddie Cibrian's birthday. [D Listed]
  • Bradley Cooper decides to shock everyone and take frumpy, good-natured schoolmarm Scarlett Johansson to dinner. [Radar]
  • "Good shoes / Groceries without my hand / Shaking while scanning the debit card. When I didn't have to decide if / I was going to put back / the steak or the toilet paper." A poem by Rachael Ray, who finds inspiration from cooking her family and her dog (see second link), about how she defines her success. [Showbiz Spy, Daily Pics And Flicks]
  • At Oprah's prompting, Fiddy struggled to come up with two people who love him. "I have asked myself this question," she said. "It's not a very long list." :( [HuffPo]
  • An ostensibly newly-devirginized Meagan Good wedded DeVon Franklin. [People]
  • Demi Lovato dyed her hair pink. [4tnz]

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