J. Lo went on Chelsea Lately, where she and Chelsea Handler discussed many topics: dating, marriage, relationship preferences, Pitbull's testicles, etc. If there are two things ladies love gabbing about, it's romance stuff and the gonads of a famed producer and rapper from Miami.

Chelsea Handler asked J. Lo if she would ever marry again; J. Lo responded, "I would get married again. I like being in a relationship. I do. I'm not one to, like, whore around and stuff."


Chelsea Handler then made a face like: >:0 and J. Lo mistakenly thought it was in reaction to the swearing, not to the affable use of the term 'whoring around.' "This is late-night TV!" she laughed. "It's ok! You've cursed, like, twenty fucking times already."

NOTHIN' WRONG WITH WHORING AROUND. Maybe I will reclaim that phrase as an empowered verb used to describe the process of Tinder swiping with wild abandon. [E!]


Extremely beautiful and fashionable couple A$AP Rocky and Chanel Iman are in the September issue of Vogue, draping all over each other seductively. Chanel posted a preview slideshow of sorts on her Instagram, and the photos look stunning. They also look v. in love. [Bossip]


At long last, Tina Knowles has weighed in on the Beyoncé and Jay Z divorce rumors: "Haters gonna be haters and there's nothing we can do about that," quoth Tina. Also: "Everything's perfect." So, um. That's that.

Coincidentally, "Everything's perfect" is the Carter-Knowles family motto. Their crest is just the Illuminati symbol on a surfboard. [E!]

  • Pete Wentz, professional angsty instrumentalist, has named his new son SAINT LAZSLO. Saint Lazslo might be the best celebrity baby name of the year (sorry, Royal Reign). [ONTD]
  • Kanye West is eating various colorful smoothies instead of mac and cheese now. [ONTD]
  • Lindsay Lohan is living with an investment banker with two daughters, says at least one thing on the Internet. "Lindsay helps the kids take baths," says a source. The relationship is reportedly "steamy," maybe literally. [InTouch]
  • Rihanna taught a baby how to take selfies. [Just Jared]
  • Taylor Swift went out in public after being in the same building as a person she dated like three years ago. SHE'S OK, GUYS. SHE MADE IT OUT FINE. [Just Jared]
  • Sir Mix-A-Lot says he watched the Anaconda video 37 times. His verdict is: "DAMNNNNN!!!!!!" [People]
  • Ryan Seacrest went jogging on his yacht. :( [TMZ]
  • Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland was NOT arrested for stealing razors from a drug store while on meth. That was a doppelganger who claimed to be him, and the cops unquestioningly were like, "Ah, ok. Come with us, Scott. Love your work." Whut. [TMZ]
  • Justin Bieber had to pay $10,700 to cover the costs associated with abandoning his monkey in Germany last year. (Mally the monkey is now living happily in a German zoo.) [Page Six]