J.Crew Vs. George W: Preppy Style Never Seemed So Subversive

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Republican prepsters/Alex P. Keaton wannabes will rue the day they bought their seersucker suits, brushed-cotton blazers and striped belts from J. Crew. Dr. Peggy Drexler, wife of the company's CEO Mickey Drexler? Not such an enormous fan of the Bush administration! See, Dr. Drexler (a noted psychiatrist and psychologist) is a little unhappy about Jenna Bush's impending nuptials. Because she's just positive that George W. (and, by extension, Jenna) will not wait until after he's out of office to hold the wedding.

[A] White House Wedding will be great politics. It could be a terrific way to hook women — who are the angriest about the war, and one of the biggest problems for Republicans going into the election. Women — even the angry ones — are going to eat this up...The father of the bride is responsible for the loss close to 4,000 American lives, the lives of uncounted Iraqis, and many thousands of injured and maimed... But on this day... eyes will grow moist, and approval ratings will rise.

It is sad to say, but Drexler is pretty much on the money. Because if the TheKnot.com message boards are any indication, people looooove them a wedding. Even when there is a war going on. (Especially when there's a war going on!) We'd make a joke that the whole thing is something so sick only Karl Rove could have dreamed it up but then we remembered that little Jenna's fiance is none other than Rove's former intern.

Here's To The Happy Couple — And A 10-Point Bump [Huffington Post]
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Um, b/c all American women (or women in general) are so freakin' shallow that we forget about war, fair wages, and health care when a bright, shiny object (or, in this case, a blindinly white silk gown) is dangled in front of our eyes???

"Look! Over there! A bride!"

She crackers! And not a very good psychologist, either.