The "July 2007" issue of J. Crew just arrived in our mailbox this afternoon. We're always excited by the arrival of the J. Crew catalog โ€” although the "July 2007" designation is a bit misleading; there seems to be a new catalog out every other week! โ€” and today is no exception. In fact, despite the strange preponderance of ugly, chartreuse-hued tees, shorts, cardigans (see cover, left), camisoles, and sweater sets โ€” as usual, there's some great, fairly-affordable stuff to be had. After the jump, some favorites.

Okay, we're willing to spend $68 on this cotton white "boyfriend" shirt (J. Crew calls it "His White Shirt"). And we'd love the shorts as well, if only we had the legs, thighs and ass for them.

Twill khaki overalls? Yes, yes, yes. Wish they weren't $118 (if we ran the world we'd price 'em at, oh, $88?) but they're pretty cute. We don't agree, however, with Jenna Lyons from the J. Crew women's design department that they'd look good with heels.


Only J. Crew could take an accessory โ€” in this case, a driving moccasin โ€” normally associated with East Coast snobs and intrigue us enough to want to own it ($128). Maybe a pair in a hue of "Bright Alpine"? The "Buff" is also looking attractive.


If we say "yes" to this Tahiti Trapeze dress ($235) we'll have to say "no" to our rent for July (don't ask).

Slouchy, trouser-legged carpenter jeans in dark-rinse denim? $88? These we will actually buy. (Oh, they also come in natural twill in colors of grey and khaki).


Last but not least, this starfish print wrap skirt ($188) is catching our eye, although the extra padding on our hips might not make for as alluring of a line as seen on this model. Also the price? Uh-no.

J. Crew