There is no finer film genre than Tiny Hamsters Eating Hamster-Sized Approximations of People Food. But nothing—not tiny hamsters eating very small burritos, not genteel little hamster bartenders mixing the smallest hamster drinks—could have possibly prepared us for Hamster Thanksgiving.

This latest foray into the field of Tiny Hamster Gastronomy is brought to you by HelloDenizen, the same maniacs who have produced the previous, almost lethally cute hamster meals. As always, their attention to detail is both commendable and slightly alarming: There's a teeny-tiny turkey. There are the smallest freaking pies imaginable. There are two hamsters, a tiny rat, and a comparatively enormous fluffy bunny eating peaceably together, all clad in tiny, painstakingly constructed pilgrim hats. (Read: top hats with paper buckles glued on.)

There's no coming back from this. We will not recover.