Ivanka Trump Is Now Claiming That She 'Tries to Stay Out of Politics'

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Ivanka Trump works as a special assistant to her father, President Donald Trump, and has an office in the White House. This is astounding on a number of levels, but now we know she must be compelled there by some unnatural force, because Ivanka is now claiming that she tries her best to “stay out of politics.”


In an interview with Ainsley Earhardt on Fox News Monday, Ivanka spoke in a soothing, gentle voice about how she may at times disagree with her dad, but she overall thinks he’s doing an outstanding job. She also addressed her infamous cover on Us Weekly, which featured the phrase, “Why I Disagree With My Dad.” Ivanka says now that the magazine actually never spoke to her, though they wrote the “interview” in the first person. (Perhaps it caused some strife with Donald?)

Then, after she expounded on the many policies and reforms the Trump administration is busily working on, from job creation to addressing the opioid crisis, Ivanka said that she can barely make heads or tails of it all anyway.

“I try to stay out of politics. His political instincts are phenomenal. He did something that no one could have imagined he’d be able to accomplish,” she said, adding, “I feel blessed just being part of the ride from day one and before. But he did something pretty remarkable. But I don’t profess to be a political savant.”

Ivanka and Earhardt sound like they’re producing an ASMR video, descending into whispered assurances that Donald Trump isn’t attacking healthcare, minorities, and the very planet. Though there have been rumors that Ivanka has tried to intervene with her father on issues like climate change and LGBT protections, there is no record of her having any success. So, maybe she really does stay out of politics? Unless, of course, getting involved makes her money.

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Masshole James, Unstable Genius

Trump does what the extremists want and then sends Ivanka out to assure the rest of us that he’s actually pro-environment, pro-gay rights and pro-sanity. It’s just the latest iteration of the very successful long-con the Trump family has succesfully been perpetrating on the American public, trying to be all things to all people while grabbing everyone’s money (and healthcare.)