Ivana Trump Will Kick off Campaign to End Obesity in America With an Event at the Plaza

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Health hath no fury like Ivana Trump.

Page Six reported on Wednesday that the president’s ex-wife plans to end obesity in America, first by launching an initiative at the Plaza Hotel in New York City next week. She will reportedly be working on the campaign with Gianluca Mech, the mastermind behind the “Italiano Diet,” which allows for adherents to “eat pasta, cookies, and lose weight.”

Press materials obtained by Page Six proclaim “A new diet and exercise plan will be announced before they begin their tour of the United States to encourage and teach millions of people to have better eating habits and exercise.”

Ivana is famously in a kind of one-way feud with Melania—to me this feels related, entering the spotlight the First Lady is stepping out of. Childhood obesity was an issue Michelle Obama took on wholeheartedly, whereas Melania has puttered around with a few advocacy ideas, like cyberbullying. I imagine it’s hard, from a PR standpoint, to pick an issue when your husband, who is president, has so many of them!


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Scumbag. Can’t wait to see him try this in an actual courtroom. [Oops. sorry. Didn’t notice this was tucked away in the other roundup.]