It's What's For Dinner

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[Montreiul, France; December 9. Image via Getty]

Roma prepare a meal in the garden of an abandoned house on December 9, 2009 in Montreuil, on the outskirts of Paris, where some 20 Roma people have taken shelter after they were disloged from various places. They are now refurbishing the property. AFP PHOTO OLIVIER LABAN-MATTEI (Photo credit should read OLIVIER LABAN-MATTEI/AFP/Getty Images)


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The discrimination against Roma people is seriously unbelievable. I mean, Hitler tested things out on them, before he got onto the Jews.

And yet, somehow, the situation in the 60 years since then has barely improved. Open discrimination against Jews in Europe is frowned upon, but against the Roma? No problem.

My mom grew up in Poland right after WW2, and we're Jewish. Things were ok for them, but the Roma? Actively hated.

It's nice to know that society has improved sooo damn much.

And what about those KIDS? How are they gonna get an education?