It's Time to Be a Better Person: What Are Your New Year's Resolutions?

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As 2012 comes to an end, and we're all still standing (high five!), we must look forward to the emotional/financial/spiritual riches of 2013, a time so far away the Mayans couldn't even dream of it. We're in the future now, friends, and so we must excel and Be the Best We Can Be in Twenty ThirTee.

Let us have your most aspirational, your most embarrassing, your goofiest, and your laziest New Year's Resolutions. This is a judgment-free zone! We will hold one another and cry promises of eating more quinoa and attempting Zumba into each other's hair.

OK, spill it!

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1. stay clean off heroin (7 days right now) (have been using IV on and off, mostly on, for 10 years so it's fairly hopeless but i'm still trying)

2. keep having an awesome relationship w/ my bf of 3 years

3. go back to school

4. reconnect with my best friend

5. start doing yoga again

6. prepare for move from pdx to SF

7. get a social life

8. write more

9. read even more... esp Russian stuff

10. be patient with myself

11. find spiritual grounding

12. be better to my parents

13. forgive myself and others

14. get out of the city more often

15. "everything is its own reward"