It's The Ten Year Anniversary Of History's Most Famous Fellatio: What Have We Learned From Monicagate?

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It's been a decade since the cheerful, porcelain-skinned visage of Monica Lewinsky entered the collective consciousness. For those of you living on Venus or in middle school, Lewinsky was the intern who almost brought down Bill Clinton's presidency when her "affair" with him became public during Paula Jones's sexual harassment suit against him. Clinton said under oath that he did not have sexual relations with Lewinsky, but then Satan spawn Linda Tripp pretended to befriend Lewinsky, only to secretly tape Monica gabbing about her BJ's with Bubba. Then there was semen stained dress, which allegedly had Clinton's man-juice all over it, taken into custody by the FBI. We all know what happened with the Clintons — Bill left office in January 2001 and many people look at his administration as halcyon days when compared to the Bush White House, and Hillary is stumping for her own berth in the Oval Office. But what happened to Paula Jones, wretched Linda Tripp and poor Monica? A where-are-they-now, after the jump.


Paula Jones is divorced from the man she was married to during Lewinskygate, the one who was so eager for her to sue the President. She has since posed nude for Penthouse, and lost a reality TV boxing match against ice skating bad girl Tonya Harding.

Linda Tripp, who was roundly vilified in the press for betraying Monica, was played by John Goodman in drag on Saturday Night Live, and reportedly runs a year-round Christmas Store in Middleburg, Virgina, says The Times of London. She's also married to a lederhosen-clad German named Dieter (for real).

And then there's Lewinsky. She's dabbled in designing handbags, hosted a radio show, and graduated from the London School of Economics with a masters in social psychology. She tries to keep a low profile these days, but she's been spotted in Los Angeles, most recently.

It seems that Monica will never live this down — ten years on, paparazzi photo agencies are still taking pictures of her, and early last year not one, but two articles in the Washington Post were published, still discussing her 21-year-old transgression. The author of one of those articles, Richard Cohen, has the best take on the situation. Monica's only crime? "She was a girl besotted. It happens even to Republicans." The Lewinsky lesson can be applied frequently in daily life. For instance, the next time your new love suggests that you make a sex tape, think, WWMLD? And then do the opposite. Or at least make sure that you keep the tapes.

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You left out Linda Tripp got plastic surgery as a result of being mocked. And that her two kids were smoking hot.

But as far as Monica goes, David Chapelle said it best:"Every woman has at least one dick she regrets and I bet it wasn't a President's dick either. He probably worked at Kenny Shoes or Safeway or some shit like that."