"It's The Only Thing That There's Just Too Little Of" = Kind Of An Understatement!

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  • UPDATE: The Northern Illinois University shooter killed five people, including himself. [WSJ]
  • "I will be haunted to the end of my days by what my child has done." That's the mother of Latina Williams, who killed herself and two classmates Louisiana Technical College last week.
  • And in other senseless death news: 82 middle school-aged kids have died playing a "choking game" whereby, uh...[CBS]
  • Aaaaaaaah! CALLING THE FEMINAZI BONERKILLER SQUAD: A woman referee was walked off a Kansas high school basketball game and barred from officiating. Because she was a woman. Fun irony: The school is named St. Mary's. [Kansas City Star]
  • New Mexico finally finished counting its caucus votes: Hillary Clinton won by 1,700. [Wonkette]
  • But her campaign is fucked: Mark Penn is to blame! [Time]
  • Or maybe it's Patti Solis Doyle. Her chief advantages were "loyalty and discipline" (and "little else"); and the fact that Hillary supporters expected a few phone calls from Bill to quell all influential black peoples' interest in Obama; or that Solis Doyle fibbed brazenly about the sorry state of campaign coffers; or that Obama's team knew better how to raise money from non-gazillionaires; or something about Doritos... [Atlantic]
  • Britney Spears has a 30-year-old brother, and he's been named a trustee to her trust. [TMZ]
  • "More Than A Feeling" writer Tom Scholz says Mike Huckabee's persistent covering of the songs at political events has caused him "damage." [Rolling Stone]
  • Mitt Romney is endorsing McCain! Yeah who cares. Mitt Romney's Catholic spiritual adviser is telling our whole fucked up guilty flock of sinful sinners to vote Obama. [Slate]
  • Tonight is going to be fucking depressing if I end up watching Lipstick Jungle.

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Jenna Sauers

@Moe: The U.S. pre-Vatican II catholic "movement" is kind of centred around Kansas. There's a self-declared Pope Michael of Kansas who heads it.


I find it hilarious and awesome that three of the six conclavists who elected him were: Michael, and his parents.