OPEC is meeting right now, and I'm pretty much too lazy to write anything about it, and maybe that's why the empire is falling or whatever it is they're saying, I'm too tired to get the precise quote. The word is that the oil monopoly is heeding the words of the new Alan Greenspan Shawn Carter, and abandoning the flagging dollar as the currency with which its barrels are priced. Meanwhile the prison population has risen eight-fold since 1970, Cuba's doctors are getting stretched from all the gigs they've been fielding since Michael Moore blew their cover, the stock market is down and we forgot about Somalia.

And I'm sure I forgot about a lot of stuff, and I feel like a pussy for it, but I'm signing off. Tomorrow we'll start bright and happy with some bullish Obama poll numbers in Iowa and probably some incisive Teen Vogue commentary, so stay tuned. Although, before you start staying tuned, you should probably tune out and have a drink. But I would say that.