It's Such A Pity

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So, Anna returns to triumphantly retake the Jezebel helm on Monday, which makes it time for me to say a fond farewell to you guys here on Jezebel and to slink on back to Wonkette. I have to say that this has been a really strange and interesting couple of weeks for me as it was hard to walk that line between revealing myself and not revealing my identity and I really appreciate everyone's supportive and often hilarious comments as I found my footing. But, because I like neat little endings, I thought I'd answer an "Ask a Lobbyist" question, after the jump.


Why do you write "Ask a Lobbyist"? Is your goal to transition out of lobbying and into writing under your own name (which I suppose means you'll someday have to reveal your identity)? Or is this simply a way to vent and avoid doing your normal work?

When I started writing the column, I was working in a soul-suckingly horrible job and I literally e-mailed Alex Pareene after the demise of the Anonymous Hill Staffer and offered to write it out of a need to do something with my intellectual capacity other than thinking up various ways to kill my boss and not get caught. He thought my email was funny, and a column was born. For months, I pretty much just wrote it drunk, and then I got a new job with a boss I didn't hate most of the time and kept going because I enjoyed it and, well, I'm a cheap bitch and Alex squeezed some money out of Nick Denton for me. It was never really a goal to transition out of lobbying because (as I've often written) I had no idea what else I could do or what I might even like doing and lobbying was the path of least resistance.

And, then I got let go from my job last month and I basically sat at home all day wondering what the fuck to do with my life and whether I really wanted another lobbying job... and I kinda didn't. And at the same time I was contemplating my navel, Wonkette started its own transition. I'm guessing people are guessing where this is heading, but I shall plunge bravely ahead and state the obvious.

So, as of Monday, I'll be your new full-time associate editor at Wonkette. I'll have a real name, quite possibly a picture to share, and I'll be a real girl, Geppetto! I'll be drinking through the weekend to prepare for the hazing.



Hooray! The "Ette" returns to Wonkette! It had started to get that really awful dirty sock smell only a man can create.