It's Seersucker Day on the Hill! Yes, it's that extra-special day when lawmakers on both side of the aisle are neither red nor blue, but striped and wrinkly. The movement was started by, of all people, super-scowly Republican senator Trent Lott 11 years ago to (ah, there are those Republican values!) pay homage to "the South's fashion gift to the nation to help cope with the heat and humidity of D.C. summers." Oh come on, Lott. They're sorta sissy-looking pants, not an emblem of the South rising again. Case in point, even Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is wearing it.


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You are so wrong about seersucker. They are not "sissy-looking," they are bad-ass. And some of the men wore pink socks. That is nine kinds of awesome.