It's Official: MTV Will Air 'Teen Mom 3'

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This week, MTV announced that it has ordered a third installment of its successful Teen Mom franchise, this time culling the cast from the fourth season of 16 and Pregnant, which will premiere March 27.


Many wondered why the network didn't go ahead with a Teen Mom 3 after the third season of 16 and Pregnant, as has been the practice thus far. It continues to remain a mystery, but with Teen Mom star Amber Portwood's legal trouble—she was just released from "gel" last week after serving a two month stint for probation violation involving a drug arrest—MTV might be looking for backup series. A judge handling Amber's case has barred her from filming any scenes for the reality show once she has secured a place for herself in a halfway home. In turn, MTV promised not to sue her for breach of contract, meaning that the network might be moving on from her storyline. A new season of Teen Mom—which is set to air this summer—is filming right now but Amber hasn't filmed since Thanksgiving.

So who from the new season of 16 and Pregnant might get one of those coveted spots on Teen Mom 3? That remains to be seen, but there seems to be plenty of juicy story lines and invented baby names from which to choose. (One girl named her kid Nova Star.) You can watch the trailer to the left and make your own picks. We think that two shoe-ins are Mackenzie Douthit, the cute blond cheerleader, and Kristina Robinson, who's baby daddy died in a car crash while she was pregnant. You can read some more in-depth descriptions about the girls here.

A premiere date for Teen Mom 3 has not yet been determined.

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Which of the advertisers on "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom" have donated to Republican Presidential candidates' super PACs? That's what I wanna know. That and why the "the only teen sex is the shitty, irresponsible kind" theme is so popular.

I want to see a reality show along the lines of "Not Another Teen Mom" wherein teenage girls get together with parents, siblings or friends and go learn about birth control, put condoms on bananas and cucumbers, go to their first gyno appointment, talk to their doctor, talk to their boyfriends about having sex for the first time/what they will do for protection, and go to the pharmacy to pick up their prescriptions and condoms. They can also talk about what they are already doing and how they feel about that. Each episode can end before they do it and then they can discuss the states of their relationships/assessments of the sex at the reunion show.