Today Good Morning America did a story that underscores the point that genetic testing for female Olympians is not cool. As a teenager, Eden Atwood went to the doctor to find out why she'd never gotten her period and was told she had twisted, cancer-prone ovaries that needed to be removed. But when she was 15, her step mother blurted out, "You know they lied to you. You're really half man, half woman." In actuality, Eden has Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, meaning she has XY chromosomes, no uterus, and testes. You may have heard about AIS last year on Oprah's show about intersex people. It did a much better job of conveying the idea that Eden is, as GMA's Juju Chang says, "not a freak," probably because Oprah didn't use the sensationalized headline "SHE'S A GIRL...AND A BOY?"