It's no surprise that the GOP isn't a fan of the anti-war group Code Pink but it seems the organization doesn't get much love from Democrats either. Anne Elizabeth Moore, a journalist who has been embedded in the group, reports that the hot pink-clad protesters have "come to be viewed as a gaggle of smart but silly women, an unkempt listserve, and a mismatched array of girly accouterments." Code Pink has been mocked by both President Bush and The Daily Show for interrupting speeches and congressional debates, protesting at military recruiting stations, and generally practicing "strategic irritation" at many events. Moore suggests that the left may be harboring some bias against a group of mostly middle-aged, upper middle class white women who don't seem to have that much to complain about. But, it may just be that people are turned off by tactics like those demonstrated at a recent military recruitment protest in Berkeley, California, when Code Pink members took off their shirts and shouted "breasts not bombs." [In These Times]