It's mid-afternoon. Time to get annoyed with Slate!

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In the wake of Scarlett Johansson totally robbing the spotlight from the historic blah blah first female president of Harvard...not to mention the demise of an illiterate beauty queen, Slate's inimitable Undercover Economist asks the timely question, does beauty make you smarter? (Of course, in true Slate fashion, the question is answered — why yes! Of course beauty makes you smarter! We'll show you why! — on the front page, only to serve up polemical blueballs when you get all angry and click on the fucking thing — well, actually, no, beauty doesn't really make you smarter, in fact, we have some evidence on the subject, and just like the last time we went there and regretted it (Why Women Choke Under Pressure, which is to say, Slate has no evidence they choke under pressure) the whole story is based on maze studies (oooh! new Slate slogan: How Maze Studies Explain The Global Economy, and also the Human Condition!!! ), and what it says is that attractive people only think they're smarter, and express more confidence that they will solve the mazes, even though they can't actually do it, which is just how all the good-looking jackasses who think they know how to give head get through life, isn't it? Confidence. Ugh. For everyone else, at least there's cocaine!


Does Beauty Make You Smarter? [Slate]

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