"Its Easy To See You Dont Have What It Takes To Cut It"

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This afternoon we received an email from a person who was all riled up, we think, over Missdemeanors, and maybe some other stuff? Women in general? Lesbians? Small penises? In any case, this person accused us of "stepping on [her?] first amendment rigths[sic] a little" adding that we're "jealous" of a certain gossip site. We refuse to name the site out of, well, spite (and to keep it from getting any more attention that we've already given it) but of course we're sharing the email! After the jump, take a trip to Crazytown... and have fun wading through the abysmal spelling and poor syntax.


since i cant comment i just wanted to tell you how fucked up i think it is that you put all this shit out there attacking [redacted] from [redacted] and will not allow any person who has opinions on the subject different from yours to comment.

im pretty sure its stepping on my first ammendment rigths a little, and i know its not fair, but above all, i think its all a ply at publicity for you because you envy [blogger's] writing style so you figure the more you write about [redacted] and the more you quote [blogger's] genius posts, the more attention yoru lousy ass site will get.

it kinda worked cause i ended up there, for like one of the lamest moments of my life. but after two seconds its easy to see you dont have what it takes to cut it.

You are not [redacted] from [redacted], and that kinda gets your panties all wadded up in a bunch doesnt it?

so you talk shit, block [blogger's] millions of fans from commenting and in your head you won your little misguided hatred fueled war.

well, just so you know, i know the truth you bitches

i know you fear true competition and therefore edit your comments like crazy

what i dont know is how you got so many fucking bull dykes with no life and a hatred of anything with a cock to end up in one horribly written place on the internet.

props on that one i guess.


Our thoughts exactly, honey.

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@Hamsterpants: When I joined, I'm not sure my first comment was especially humorous, witty or trenchant. It was somewhat relevant and grammtically correct, however. I shudder to think what this crazy actually tried to submit.

Also, my first comment took over 24 hours to post. Cuz, you know, our favorite blogging Jezzies probably don't sit around with nothing to do but approve new commenters. Just saying that a time delay does not a screed deserve.