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It's Cute That The Jetsons Reboot Assumes 2118 Will Be Great

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

Just like Dynasty and The Munsters and Roseanne, the 1960s sci-fi cartoon The Jetsons will also be getting a live-action reboot. It will be set 100 years into the future which is just adorable considering we have exactly that amount of time to escape this dying planet known as Earth.


The series, which will be written by Gary Janetti—a writer for Family Guy and Will & Grace, among others—and produced by Robert Zemeckis, is taking its cues from the cartoon which was set 100 years out from 1962 (so, it took place in 2062.) But the cartoon worked because it assumed the future would be just great, pulling from the Space Age and an already well-established 1960s fascination with sci-fi like Star Trek and Twilight Zone. The Jetsons assumed the future would be wonderfully efficient (flying cars! robot maids!) and full of down time. To which I say: hahahahhahahahahaha.

But what will a Jetsons world look like in 2117/2118? Personally I’ll never know because you and I will be dead then. Unless you are a newborn baby reading Jezebel in which case I’m terribly sorry to have insulted you but congrats on being able to read!


My take is that we won’t be on Earth, to start. People will have just colonized to another planet (Mars? one of Jupiter’s moons?) Therefore humans will be building a new civilization from the ground up, if we even get there. That should be a great setting for a sitcom, right? And there will certainly be no assistance from our sort-of-robot-maid Siri. Although people might whisper out for her in their sleep while dreaming about what life was like back on Earth...back to a time when we didn’t have or need a Jetsons reboot.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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Counterpoint: The Jetsons was not a great future. The planet was so ravaged by climate change/nuclear war/nazis that rhey had to literally live in the sky to escape it.