It's been discovered that Rodrigo De Carli, one of the new Brazilian models from season three of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, has a history in hardcore porno (gay, natch). While it doesn't come as much of a surprise to us that a muscle-y beefcake model dude living in L.A. would wind up working in porno, it apparently will be news to both Janice and the production team of her reality show — which premieres on December 1 — since De Carli kept his adult film resume a secret. We're interested to see how Janice will react to all of this. Sometimes she's hard on her models, but she's also really unpredictable. Plus, if this photo of her and Jenna Jameson is any indication, it would seem that she embraces the porn industry — or at least humps its leg. [L.A. Rag]


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@onemartiniaway: She was so hot! I thought that she would have been more confident considering her profession and level of success, but I guess expecting someone with that much pressure to look good to never buckle is unrealistic. Still, for whatever she's done to herself, she still looks better than Janice.