It's been a crazy year for us women folk. But there have been a number of banner moments, from Beyonce finally articulating that she is indeed a feminist to Texas State Senator Wendy Davis filibustering her state's Senate for 13 hours to stop an anti-choice bill. Over at PolicyMic, they've culled the best of the best; my favorite? That time when Anita Perry, wife of Texas Governor Rick Perry (aka the Southern Grinch who continues to steal women's right to safe and accessible healthcare), accidentally admitted she was pro-choice. VICTORY!

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Dear White Girls,

I do not want to hear a single solitary word out of your mouths about beyonce or rihanna until you have collected the following people.

Lilly Allen

Lana Del Rey

Miley Cyrus

That dumb bitch who put Oprahs naked body on a dress

Lena Dunham

Lady Gaga

Taylor Swift

All those dumb bitches who keep trying to come for Michelle Obama

Jezebel writers who praise R. Kelly

xoxo Martha

P.S. Black Jezzies if there is anyone, that I missed feel free to add to the list.