It's Barbie, Bitch

So I tried my damndest to build that Barbie electric chair, but it was so hard. It involved a hacksaw and steel epoxy (which is smeared all over my laptop, and my wrists keep sticking to it). I got the electricity to work, but the wires wouldn't get hot enough to burn the damn doll. But I really wanted to destroy Barbie (and Ken and his "kid brother" Tommy), so video stud Alex Goldberg and I collaborated on simply setting their faces on fire... with a Britney Spears soundtrack.

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@elizabethbennet: At a Barbie-themed birthday party for a 5-year-old I had the displeasure of seeing a room full of girls go pale when it was time to cut the cake (a huge dome-shaped cake with a real Barbie poking out of the top). There was an audible group shreak from the girls when they yanked the Barbie out and she had been hacked off at the waist!