It's A Veritable Pornapalooza

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  • Porn is everywhere, and, not surprisingly, it's largely to blame for the rise in female exhibitionism and self-objectification (think MySpace, celebrity vagina shots, Paris Hilton). [CNN]
  • Black women with breast cancer have much lower survival rates than white women with the disease. [USAToday]
  • Fathers who take off their shirts before holding their babies apparently bond with them more. What's next, nursing? [Telegraph]
  • The terms "size zero" and "muffin top" have officially entered the lexicon. [Telegraph]
  • Palestinian, female TV anchors are being threatened with death unless they cover up while on camera. [Telegraph]
  • MeMe Roth, who famously called American Idol winner Jordin Sparks fat, is getting death threats now. [MSNBC]

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Ariel Levy has a pretty interesting take on the whole porn phenomenon in her book "Female Chauvenist Pigs", which I recommend to anyone who is mystified as to how things like strip classes and porn actresses have made it into the mainstream without seeming to increase a) the amount of pleasure the average woman gets from the average man (because these things tend to cater to men's desires, not necessarily women's so no one has really learned anything more than some new acting skills by partaking of either) or b) the general freedom of women to express themselves sexually (Only tarted up girls with stilettos and push-up bras are "sexy", etc.)