Today I received a story about Italy from my brother, who works at the German Embassy. The message: "Could this country get any less serious?" And reflexively I was like, "yeah, Mussolini may have made the trains run on time but try putting THEM in charge of a genocide!" And then I read the story; OMG. Basically, the Italian police department outfitted its female cops with "official" Italian police stilettos. "To give their uniform a younger and sexier look." Does that even happen in Bond movies? So yeah, the police department ordered a shipload of high-heeled shoes. (It's the "fixing broken stilettos" theory of crime fighting!) But oh no — they all came back too small! Since they ordered the shoes from Romania.

Because Italy doesn't have much of an impractical footwear industry within its own borders or anything. So now the cops are making do with flats. And it sucks because flats are sooooooo over. But it rules because we thought Italians could not possibly outparody themselves, and we were sooooo wrong.

A Sole-Destroying Mistake [Spiegel Online]

Image by w5112001, via Flickr