Italian Wedding Ends In Disaster • Women With Migraines Less Likely To Get Breast Cancer

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• In an attempt to make the odious tradition of throwing the bouquet a little different, an Italian bride had her flowers flung from a plane. Unfortunately, they got sucked into the plane's engines, causing it to crash. •

• Researchers have found that, among men convicted of consuming child pornography, viewing the images alone did not increase their risk of committing a "hands-on" sex offense in the next six years. Only 1% of the men studied went on to abuse another person. • Soldiers Gilbert Parker and Matthew Delia have been accused of filming and photographing female members of their unit while they were in the shower. If convicted, they could face up to 18 years behind bars. • According to a report released by the charity Oxfam, there has been a surge in sexual violence in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in the past six months. They found that there had been a dramatic increase in sexual assault since the government launched an offensive against the rebels in January. • Women prone to migraines are 74% as likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than those who have never suffered from migraines, a new study says. However, researchers still do not know why the two diseases are linked. • A Canadian court has found Dr. Juan Tejeda guilty of two counts of sexual assault. The psychiatrist was found guilty of assaulting one of his male patients during their sessions, which he claims was all part of the treatment. • Scientists from Northwestern University have reportedly grown human eggs to near maturity in a laboratory. Cue conservative freakout. • A recent panel on women's role in Iran found that women are often the "front lines" in the Green movement and election battles. Despite what many assume, this is not a sudden change; for decades women have been part of quiet educational and organizational work, including networking through forums like blogs. •

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Even more proof that child porn laws are ridiculous. Let's criminalize actual crimes, not people masturbating to pictures of crime scenes after the fact.