If you're gonna do classic luxe, this is the way to do it: with hats, lots of goregous, and - was that a dirndl?

We know lots of words, but sometimes only "beautiful" does the trick.

Oh. My. God. Does old-school lady get any jazzier?

There's something deliciously 50's working-girl about this canteloupe situation.


Oh, wait, Carine Roitfeld disagrees.


But, come on, Madame - this Degas-adorable frock must make you smile!

Or, what about this Spanish-widow-inflected midcentury day-dress?


And, yup, there's the dirndl! The hills are alive!

Maybe she's confused by this Lawrence of Arabia headdress?


And would I wear a bowler with a silk chiffon gown and a stole? Possibly not.

But Zac Posen, that stone-cold dandified fox, likes it.

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