If a genie appeared and granted you three wishes, wouldn't your #2 be to conjure an event at which Joan Collins, Raquel Welch, Bo Derek, Suzanne Somers and Valerie Bertinelli all appeared at once? Well, your wish is granted, and your genie? The 30th anniversary Carousel of Hope Ball to benefit the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes, held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. As one would hope, sartorially speaking, this event was a virtual time machine to 1987, so enjoy the sequins and the pesto and buy up some real estate while you're at it! The Good, the Bad, the Ugly — after the jump!

The Good:

Barbara Davis channels Glinda guest starring on Dynasty, and if you asked yourself,what's not awesome about that and answered nothing, you'd be absolutely right.

Everything about Jane Seymour right now evokes "The Lady In Red."


Ah, Joan Collins. A beacon of pure 1980s excess in an economically depressed world!

How slammin' does Nicole Richie look? I think this look is very Rita-Hayworth-as-Mrs.-Ali-Khan.


Garcelle Beauvais brings some much-needed elegance.


Maria Menounos looks lovely.

As you may have heard, Valerie Bertinelli lost a great deal of weight on Jenny Craig. I like her Nancy Reagan look.


I dunno, gang. I just like Raquel Welch!

The Bad:


This would depress me so much less if I hadn't seen Working Girl last night.

I'd actually like Mel B's gown if there were a touch more bodice!


Lisa Rinna's time on Dancing With The Stars seems to have influenced her aesthetic.

I actually think Bo Derek is pretty stunning, but this layered look is simply not working.


Suzanne Somers is a big advocate of vitamin injections. I am not a big advocate of this look.


Why, praytell, is Lara Flynn Boyle barefoot?

The Ugly:

I think Nancy Davis' may be the least flattering gown I've ever seen.

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