It turns out Vogue isn't the only magazine whose reader mail section is full of colossal headfucks. In this installment of "is this specimen of reader mail too hysterically sycophantic to possibly be anything but performance art?" witness Nylon readers Alexia Mendora of Woodland Hills and Rachel Rephan of Virginia Beach profess their devotion to our favorite magazine for hipsters too mirthless to read Vice (click on the tag above to read).

dear nylon, I went to the hair salon and I was looking at magazines and right away I fell in love with it! It was the June/July 2007 issue. I like how you have both fashion and music in your magazine and of course the Mishapes! I also like how you put weird but awesome stuff in your pages. I wish I could dress like that but I'm a plus size so I would probably look weird — LOL — and prices are high. Well, anyway, I love NYLON! It brings outt the uniqueness in stuff. Wow, Tokyo Police Club and the Horrors, and Matt and Kim. The magazine is an orgasm of music and clothes. (Interview the Willowz, Frankopolis, Tegan and Sara, Dani Wind, Crystal Castles!) ALEXIA MENDORA WOODLAND HILLS, CA P.S. I stole NYLON from the hair salon!

dear nylon, NYLON is completely more of an art fashion magaazine than just some regular old fashion magazine. Photography is art. Music is art. Fashion is art. NYLON your work inspires man with all the shapes and colors and all the textures and angles! You have such a great vibe going. LOVE, RACHEL REPHAN VIRGINIA BEACH, VA

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"NYLON! It brings outt the uniqueness in stuff"

They should totally use this as their new slogan...