It turns out that it's not just us who miss Sarah Palin's presence on the national stage. She's reportedly fielding interview requests from Oprah, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jon Stewart, Barbara Walters and George Stephanopoulos, in addition to calls from talent agents. So far, she's got 800 requests for appearances (just through 2009) and a total of 200 media interview requests. So if you were worried she'd just go back to Alaska and work out that budget crisis, worry no more: She'll be back quicker than Alaska's endangered polar bears. [Associated Press]

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Sarah is a gift that keeps on giving. Her press conference in front of the turkey abattoir was just another example of her egomaniacal cluelessness. I hope she gives every single interview she's asked to give, and she doesn't accept any kind of guidance. The more she talks now, the less we'll have to hear from her in the future.