​It Sounds Like Things Could Be Going Better for Kevin Sorbo

Remember Kevin Sorbo? For some, the hunkmachine who played the eponymous character in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is synonymous with the Greek mythological hero. For others, namely the producers of the upcoming Hercules movie starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, he's not even worth a cameo.

At a film premiere, Sorbo was asked if we was excited for the upcoming film, but it doesn't look like it. Via Vulture:

"We were sort of taken aback that they wouldn't let me in that movie. Not even to do a cameo. I think it's kind of stupid, really," Sorbo told Dish Nation.

"We approached the director [Brett Ratner]. I don't know what his reasons are. I don't know if it was political or ego or what it is? But to not put me in for a stupid little cameo? The audience would have loved it."


Apparently he was also told there was a spot for him in Expendables 2, but that never happened. Sorry Sorbo. Please don't be too...disappointed.

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