Could Miss Tina Knowles Be Getting Married Tonight?

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According to sources at TMZ, the answer is ‘Yes.’

The One True Supreme has been reportedly been engaged to actor Richard Lawson since November-ish, and from the looks of the photos (available after the link), it appears that plans to hold a wedding and/or white party on a giant yacht in Newport Beach are underway.


It was hard picking just one Beyoncé song to fit the celebratory bill here, but I feel like this vintage Bey does the job just fine.

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Nihongo Hanashimasen.

It’s all connected!

The Queen is from New Orleans.

Queen Knowles has married Richard Lawson, the father of Bianca Lawson aka Kendra, the Vampire Slayer.

Everything comes back to Whedon. :)

Oh and to tie it in a vampire bow.. Bianca played a character on the Vampire Diaries. :) And she was a witch.. oh wait..

Queen Knowles IS THE SUPREME!