In a bit of news Essie should probably jump on as an endorsement, an unidentified gentleman entered a Midtown Duane Reade, shoved 192 bottles of Essie nail polish into a backpackā€”their entire stockā€”and dipped.

The stolen goods added up to $1632, which is a lot, but the thief knew what he was after: Essie is good-ass nail polish, and comes in good-ass colors! Great formula, excellent pigmentation, doesnā€™t easily chip. According to a store employee, he took everything but extraneous items like ā€œnail growth treatments,ā€ and the storeā€”which is located at 22 West 48th Street, right near the heart of Rockefeller Plazaā€”is ā€œrestoring it slowly.ā€

We donā€™t know why the enterprising man stole the polish, exactly; he could totally be a nail blogger, or he could be one of those guys that sells jacked shit off a table outside a subway stop. But this isnā€™t the first time Essieā€™s been stolen like this; in 2013, three people in South Florida went on an Essie-jacking spree, nabbing $5000 worth from a beauty shop in Pembroke Pines, and hitting up a West Palm Beach CVS for 143 bottles more. In February 2015, a burglar raided a Brooklyn salon for 400 bottles of polish, and just three days ago, two shoplifters in Lake Orion, Michigan stole 90 bottles from a CVS.

Is there a Reddit thread or something? Can you make meth from Essie? Is this an eBay scam? Orā€”loā€”are all these people just super into having beautiful nails? I will be following these stories to keep you updated on any breaking news!

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