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It Looks Like We're Getting Even More Episodes of Arrested Development

We all freaked when we learned AD was coming to Netflix for 10 more episodes of Bluthnanigans (?), but now it looks like it might actually be more like 12-15 episodes. Yes! Apparently they shot so much great footage that creator Mitch Hurwitz couldn't resist. God love him.


Deadline has the juicy details:

As a result, production on the show, originally slated to wrap right after Thanksgiving, was extended for a few more weeks. But, given the complexity of adding material as you go on a show where none of the actors are in first position so filming has to be done around their existing schedules, I hear 20th TV at the end of last week decided to pause production so Hurwitz can review the footage already in the can and take his time figuring out the best way to incorporate the new arcs into the show. Once he is done, the studio will begin working on securing the actors needed. Filming is tentatively slated to resume in late January.


Good things come to those who wait — and so wait, we shall. The show is slated to hit Netflix in early Spring 2013, with all episodes dropping (can we say that with TV?) at the same time.

Steve Holt!

‘Arrested Development' Pauses Production As Netflix Episodic Order Grows [Deadline]

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