It Looks Like Girls Is Going to Have a Black Character After All

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People have been talking 'til they're blue in the face about how HBO's Girls is so white, but it turns out we spoke too soon: there are going to be characters of all different races—and some of them aren't even 100 percent stereotypical. A tipster sent along this casting notice which proves the show has plans to expand beyond its vanilla beginnings. So exactly what kind of challenging roles are they offering to minorities? See for yourself:

[TAKO] FEMALE, AFRICAN AMERICAN, 23-26 years old. Adam's best friend. A tough, tiny lesbian. RECURRING. Likes: biking without a helmet, making her own soap and preserves, bar fights, Brigitte Bardot. Hates: needy girls, most of Manhattan, the messages her mom leaves on her machine, when Adam lames out and stays home.

[SAKE BAR WAITER] MALE, ASIAN, 20S-40S, delivers sake that Marnie and Jessa did not order...(1 LINE)

[JUNKIE WOMAN] FEMALE, PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES, WORN 30S/40S. Woman yelling loudly in the Emergency Room, demanding vicodin for pain. (1 SCENE)

[GAVIN] MALE, CAUCASIAN, LATE 20S, BURLY GUY, plays Adam's overacting scene partner in his play. (2 SCENES)


Ooh, the junkie can be any ethnicity! How progressive. As for the waiter, it looks like Asians don't just know how to do Photoshop, they also know how to serve sake—so multi-dimensional. And finally, let us discuss "Tako" the African American. She's recurring, so at least that's something. But she's a "tough, tiny lesbian" who both makes her own jam AND gets in bar fights? This ought to be interesting. We're about to find out since this notice went out last year after the pilot was made, which means these exciting and dynamic characters should be showing up on the show very soon.



I feel like I'm the only person who hasn't watched any episode of 'Girls' or has no interest at all to watch it.

Also i'm sure the junkie will be Hispanic or Black, cos you know that's so realistic for this type of show.