The first commercial for Amazon Fire TV featuring Gary Busey is out and it's as Gary Busey as you can possibly imagine.

In the spot, Busey talks to a lamp. And his pants. And thanks the fish in the ocean. Via Mediaite:

In the spot, Busey helps stress the one main feature that differentiates Amazon Fire TV from its competitors. "If you're like me, you like talking to things," Busey says, before having a conversation with a lamp and his pants. He then demonstrates the Amazon device's voice-activated search by saying his own name and instantly seeing a list of his own films pop up on his television screen.

At $99, Amazon Fire TV is the same price and Apple TV and the high-end Roku, so it will need a way to stand out if it's going to succeed. If nothing else, the first ad for the device is definitely memorable.

I don't know if this will help sell the product. I do know that I have watched this commercial now 10 times. It just keeps getting weirder.