It is Friday.

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Soooo, yesterday this guy I know sent me something he had written in hopes I would link to it. This was rather presumptuous, considering the thing was some sort of critique of some sort of literary novelist I had never heard of, but I had to admit "presumptuousness" has historically been a pretty effective strategy for Dudes in General, and in that vein check out this sentence, regarding a literary movement he has dubbed "Magic Feelism": "Like dishwashing detergent, they have a sterilizing effect, they emit a slightly chemical smell, and they leave your skin feeling soft." Dishwashing detergent? Soft? Relative to the hydrochloric acid with which you usually cleanse yourself because the trick is not minding that it hurts? [N+1]


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@Archetype: I agree. I sometimes have a cocktail while I do the dishes.

And while I open the mail. Or do laundry or water the plants, feed the cats... you get the picture.