While the presence of gay people in media has certainly increased tremendously over the past few years (for men anyway), the perception of gay people in the mainstream is still fairly limited. You have your Kurt Hummels and your Stanford Blatches — homosexuals who exist either to be a poster child for a cause or to simply support the women they surround themselves with by telling them how fierce they look all of the time. This, as anyone who is gay or has ever spent time with a real gay person before can tell you, is Gay Disney.

That's what makes webseries It Gets Betterish so great. Written and performed by comedians Eliot Glazer (who also created Shit New Yorkers Say) and Brent Sullivan, It Gets Betterish is humorous, smart, but, most importantly a new portrayal of "two gay weirdos drowning in a sea of fierceness." They hate Lady Gaga (despite everyone else's insistence that they love her), are afraid to take their shirts off during sex and, quite refreshingly, are best friends with each other without desire to ever become more. Sullivan and Glazer have just released the It Gets Betterish season one finale (posted above), but the rest of the show is well worth a watch. If you're stretched for time, at least check out the (slightly NSFW) episode HIV AIDS Test— it's funny, awkward, weird and tender, much like the series as a whole.