Join us for what's gotta be one of the highest-pressure weeks on the fashionista calendar: the Paris couture shows. Dior and Giorgio Armani Prive Haute Couture brought out loads of chic, gorgeous celebs (Cate!), including, of course, Megan Fox's sexyface.

Was Megan Fox's sexy face out in full force at the Armani Prive show? Oh, yes. Did she look absolutely gorgeous? Yup. Digging this next generation of the dreaded triage chic.

Marion Cotillard is the new face of Dior - hence this LBD, the fact that they had to hold the show until her arrival (Thanks, WWD Twitter!) I've loved other maquillage effects more on her, but hey, whatever floats her bateau.


Despite this guy's best efforts, we can all clearly see that Cate Blanchett's ornate gown at Armani is the trickiest length imaginable, and that somehow she still manages to look regally lovely.


What Say You about Roxane Mesquida's take on the 80s-flirt movement?

Ooh ooh ooh! See, Vahina Giocante's doing Armami! But with a 2009 post-recession, pre-apolcalyptic, Michael-Jackson-just-died-and-Transformers-is-big-at-the-box-office twist!


So, I adore Dior and all that, but once years ago in Vogue I read this story about Galliano in which someone - maybe a Sykes - described him as "a wood sprite," and the evidence seems to have been his applying some kind of expensive mask in an airplane bathroom during descent. What do you think of Tinsley Mortimer's Park Avenue girl gone very slightly downtown?


This dude is really not impressed with Claudia Cardinale's lounging pajamas at Armani.

Clotilde Courau's Dior special makes me want to be born again French, and in 1940, and tall. Wow, talk about confidence!

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