It Beats All

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As part of a rather macabre series of stories on "children who narrowly escaped serious injury," the Twin Cities' Star Tribune brings us the tale of 5-year-old Roberta Sandgren, who in 1954 got her pigtail tangled in an electric mixer while watching her mother bake a cake. For some reason, a cop was needed to untangle the little girl's hair from the beater. Roberta is now 60 and lives in Germany, where she works for a biotech company. All's well that ends well, I guess. [StarTribune]

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One day my grandmother had all the church clothes drying out on the laundry line and brought in my mothers slip. My mother put it over her head and instantly started SCREAMING and trying to pull it off. My grandmother thought she just didn't want to to go to church, when in fact there was a hornet IN her slip! Apparently it stung her over 10 times and she's convinced my grandmother planted it.