It Ain't Over Till Someone Messes With Texas...

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  • Bill Clinton's former campaign manager endorses Obama; thinks winning Ohio would "wrap up the nomination." [Baltimore Sun]
  • Tally: Obama 1,275 Clinton 1,220; Obama also wins the popular vote even if you include Florida. [LA Times]
  • Ann Coulter was just on Fox News. "Ha ha, my endorsement strategy worked perfectly," she said. Ha ha ha she's so evil. But her hair looked awesome; a weave?
  • "If [Hillary's] trends continue like this she'll resemble Huckabee—a boutique candidate, catering to a small portion of the electorate." Would it surprise you to know the sentence preceding that one is "I should note that my spouse works for Clinton." And no, the writer's not Mary Matalin. [Portfolio]
  • Two conspirators in the Benazir Bhutto assassination confessed. [CNN]
  • Worthless Islamofascists, I know, but in America, we officially no longer waterboard such people. [Wash Post]
  • Imad Mugniyah, a top Hezbollah leader/suspected hijacker/suicide bomb plotter/etc. etc. so wanted he got plastic surgery to disguise himself was killed in Syria. [NYT]
  • And a Minnesota woman woke up from her coma to find her family planning her funeral. [WCCO]
  • Virginia Delegate Robert G. Marshall, Prince William County Republican, on that football playing sex work art loving college president Gene Nichol: "The fact is his behavior was threatening the commonwealth." Hey, why not throw in "national security" while you're at it? [Federalnewsradio]
  • Hugo Chavez and Exxon...yeah, wouldn't want to get in a fight with either of them. [Reuters]
  • World's fattest man drops 570 pounds, throws party. [Breitbart]
  • At least five drivers ignored a woman being sexually assaulted on the side of a road in the UK. Thank Jesus nothing like that would ever happen here. [BBC]
  • A New Hampshire landlord owed $500 by Clinton campaign from January finally gets the check — and sends it to Obama. And gives an interview to Fox News. Um, dude, it's what, four weeks late? Does that even count in this economy? [Fox News]
  • Yummy pictures of award-winning cappuccinos are the new yummy pictures of award-winning puppies. [Wash Post]

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Btw, NY Times has an interesting article on Michelle Obama (think it just came online recently, but sorry if it's already been discussed). They gave her a total pass on the whole "I'd have to think hard before supporting Hillary" bullshit (shocking, I know...), but the article on a whole is pretty interesting. I'm certainly not fan of her comment about Hillary, but she does sound like a pretty damn amazing woman!