Isn't There Something More Important Than Beer And Birthers?

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Barack Obama can list the real issues facing our country: health care reform, a shitty economy, climate change and a bankrupt government program for auto trade-ins, for starters. But, still, all anyone wants to talk about is beer and birthers.

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Erin Gloria Ryan

When you think about it, how can anyone really be sure of where they were born? I have been led to believe for my entire life that I was born in the state of Wisconsin, but who says it wasn't a massive conspiracy to conceal the fact that my mother gave birth to me while on a camping trip in Thunder Bay, Ontario? Who says that my parents thought that I might grow up with presidential aspirations and that they needed to preserve my American citizenship at all costs? It's not like any of us remember being born. We all should hire independent advisory panels to investigate ourselves.

I just blew my own mind.