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Poor message boarder k&b10312002. She turned to her fellow brides-to-be for some advice: Seems the poor dear had a bad run-in with some tingling, warming lube! She was hoping the other gals might be able to recommend a more pleasurable alternative. But the Knotties are not naughty at all! In fact, based on their responses, they might not be getting any. The wingedbride said "um...i really didnt' want to know that much about you." Mrs. Expchic said "Hellman's," and said "Jiffy." Jesus, girls, lighten up! And don't pretend you're too good to lube. Poor k&b10312002 signed off, dejectedly: "Sorry, just trying to liven things up. Didn't mean to offend." Don't be down k&b10312002! Forget and bring that question on over here! Personally, might we suggest something water-based to help prevent a yeast infection? [The Knot]


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