Apparently, there are people who are actually getting laid in this country (and also London) and for some reason that is turning everyone's attention to the need for birth control pills and the fact that thanks to some stupid measure to conserve taxpayer money so Blackwater and Halliburton don't go starving college girls are on the precipice of having to pay as much for their birth control pills as regular people. Of course it is hard to be outraged about this, since college girls are probably the least sympathetic subsector of menstrual womanity since "reality TV socialites were created, although they are not as dumb and I am obviously excluding Jezebel readers here, but the point is that we're obviously missing the big picture: no one in the Spears family has ever gone near a college. Jamie Lynn met her baby daddy in church. (WOMEN WHO GO TO CHURCH: now there's a group that could use their birth control subsidized.)

Anyhoozle, here's the thing: all this shit should be free. Birth control, tampons, Midol, maxipads, those cool disposable heating pad thingys you stick on the insides of your outfits, pre-natal care. It would be good for productivity, good for the economy, good for me and our ovaries too. This just seems like such a glaringly obvious policy to advocate like, what the fuck has Nancy Pelosi been doing all these years? I don't know, but listen, wherever you are, Hillary and Nance โ€” let Jamie Lynn be a lesson to you.

Ending The Birth Control Price Hike For College Women [Slate]