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Isaiah Washington Makes Amends When No One's Watching

Illustration for article titled Isaiah Washington Makes Amends When No Ones Watching
  • Grey's Anatomy's resident homophobe, Isaiah Washington, to appear in PSA tonight condemning hate speech. Too bad pretty much every Thursday night show is on hiatus and no one will be viewing network TV! [People]
  • A bird took a shit on the President today. Then Cheney tried to shoot it but hit Barney instead. [CrooksAndLiars]
  • Naomi Campbell to star in a romantic comedy. [Fashionista]
  • "Women's fertility" supporter wants to save us from birth-control pills. [Feministing]
  • We continue to have a bad feeling about the whales. [CNN]

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Fertility is a gift. A gift that makes you vomit every morning and cry hysterically every time someone mentions those damn, wandering whales. Take it from my knocked-up ass, the prospect of kids is great, but so is fucking without the fear of gaining 30 pounds and getting vericose veins.