Is 'Women's Logic' The Worst Game Show Ever?

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Women: Are they stupid or what? At least, that's the gist of a groundbreaking new game show in the country of Georgia called Women's Logic, which challenges teams of men to guess what wrong answer scantily-clad women will select in response to multiple choice quiz questions. I'm already having fun!


In order to fully appreciate the stereotype wonderland that is Women's Logic, let me paint you a picture. The set looks like how it would look to live inside the cover of a Chick Lit novel; it's decorated with whimsical oversized high heeled shoes filled with swirls in Girl Colors like teal and hot pink and purple. God, it just makes me want to face living and loving in the Big City as a magazine editor with an impossibly nice apartment and impossibly complicated love life! To a spunky soundtrack!

The male contestants are bros who look like they could easily star as "guy who is mad his wife always ruins his boy fun" on an American beer commercial. The hosts are models who teeter around in high heels and small, tight fitting dresses. And the women who get the answers wrong — hilariously/stereotypically! — are seated on a couch on another set, like they're having a coffee klatch but with glasses of champagne. The men score points by guessing what answer the women will guess when presented with various questions. The winning team is the one that's best able to discern not just that ladies are dumb, but in what ways they are dumb.


The show's only been on the air for a month and change, but it's already pissing people off. Over 1,000 people have signed a petition seeking to hoist it from the airwaves. Georgian feminists have accused it of furthering the stereotype that women exist to look pretty and make babies and men exist to use their man logic to earn money in order feed the babies and pump the women full of sperm so that new babies can be made. And some critics worry that the show could be harming job prospects for women.

Imedi TV, the station airing Women's Logic, understands people's concerns, but doesn't think something as insignificant as a TV show can influence the way that the public thinks. According to The Atlantic, Imedi TV is the same station that whipped the public into a panic by airing false news reports that the Russians were invading Georgia back in 2010.

I feel much less ashamed of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? now.

'Women's Logic': The Georgian TV Quiz Show So Offensive, It's Sparking a National Debate [The Atlantic]

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Sorcia MacNasty

No, no. We should always feel *some* shame about Smarter than a 5th Grader — it's part of the American experience.